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2 ) Noah Devenport, 19 ā€” CEO, Devenport Media

Devenport earned a spot on the list because of his multiple business ventures, but  primarily his well-known digital marketing agency, Devenport Media. Devenport works on various projects daily, including three online dropshipping stores which currently gross over $100k/month. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg of his success. Despite the fact that Devenport Media  is a fairly new company within his portfolio, it is poised to make a huge splash in the industry due to its novel and innovative application of social media to marketing, as well as the background knowledge he brings to the table thanks to his dropshipping experience.

Devenport Media has been built and curated for the new generation of social media advocates. Devenport Media is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their work is primarily corporate and large business media campaigning, all done in-house by their premiere media team. Their goal is to help you jumpstart your business not only sales wise, but the value of your business as well, by creating lasting video content & campaigns for your business to succeed with.

According to Devenport, this is the make-or-break era for businesses to incorporate social media. "... social media is the pinnacle of people's lives, businesses success, and the overall understanding in between." Devenport told me. "Those who produce and create good content will win, those who don't will lose. Social media is triumphant, Instagram will never go away, Twitter will never go away, they're only getting bigger. So you either can hop on the train or get washed away. There are now over 1 billion users on Instagram to this day, if businesses are not monetizing it and using these platforms to their advantage, they will lose big time."


Get ready to take control of yourself & your business.


How It Works

DevenportMedia is the premier digital marketing company curated & built for helping brands and companies secure their success in their industries and beyond. We do everything in house and hands-on, which means NO bots or automation. Marketing your business hands-on allows us to gain a better understanding of our clients and what they're trying to accomplish and what audiences they're trying to reach. Whether it is through our video creation services, paid media, or even ecommerce, everything is covered.



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